ModCloth With Only A Wink in Ruby Mani

14 Jul

Who doesn’t love a little red dress? I know I like a one better than a LBD any day. When I saw With Only A Wink in Ruby  I knew exactly how I would paint my nails to go with this little red dress. ModCloth knows how to make a gorgeous dress! The crisscross neckline is gorgeous and I have a pair of black and red chandelier earrings that would be perfect with a curly updo. I WANT THIS DRESS IN MY CLOSET!! At least I can wear a pretty manicure to compliment it if I can’t get my paws on the dress. ;)

This simple tape mani with black and red flower details is perfect for a night on the town in a gorgeous red dress like With Only A Wink. All you have to do is find the perfect pair of black peep toe pumps and you’re ready for a night on the town. ;)






ModCloth Enchanted Afternoon Mani

14 Jul

When ModCloth contacted me to enter a nail art contest based on one of their dresses I knew that I had to jump at the chance. I love love love ModCloth, especially their dresses. I would wear a vintagey dress daily if I could. I scrolled through their website and when I found Enchanted Afternoon, I knew it was a winner!


I did want to be too matchy matchy, so I used a lilac base and did bright and light blue flowers with a yellow center. I used black with a dotting tool to bring in the black buckle and tie the look together.

Using a dotting tool to do flowers is a super easy way to get a great look, especially for Spring and Summer. A flowery mani is the perfect compliment to a flowery dress.

Now, if I could just add this gorgeous dress to my closet to match my gorgeous mani, I would be one happy girl. ;)




Dream Polish cuticle oil and balm review

6 Jul

This post has  A LOT of naked nails in it, so if that’s not your thing, move on. ;)

A while back, Vanessa from Dream Polish sent me so goodies to review. It’s taken me a too long to get the review up, but I have not stopped using these awesome goodies since they arrived at my doorstep. I seriously do not think my cuticles and nails have looked this good in a long time.

This is a before shot. My poor dry, broken nails.


Vanessa sent me a glass file, gem glow cuticle oil, and cuticle balm. The base coat is still in formulation, so this is not a review of the base coat at all.


This shot is after using the glass file. I know that glass files are supposed to be the best for your nails, but honestly, the noise they make drive me insane, that was not the case with the Dream Polish Glass file! I love that its small enough to keep in my purse and the case is perfect so it doesn’t scratch anything its not supposed to. Seriously, this is one of the best files I have some across in a while. I love it. I filed my nails into a new shape. I have a couple up coming posts with the rounder shape, but it didn’t last long. You can bet I use the Dream Polish file to bring my nails back down to squovals. ;)


Now onto the oil. This stuff is amazing. I’m usually a balm girl because oils can be runny and annoying, but not Gem Glow Cuticle oil.  This stuff glides on smooth where you want it and soaks in just like it should. I choose the Pink Sugar scent and IT IS SO GOOD! I cannot say enough about all the scents I choose. None of them were overpowering and they smelled natural and yummy. My nails soaked up this oil just like they were supposed too and I know my cuticles are better for it. Plus, the brush is a little hard, so I can use it to easily push back my cuticles while still moisturizing them. Its perfect!



Last, but not least is the Gem Glow Cuticle Balm stick. I love a good cuticle balm, LOVE IT, and this one is no exception. This after picture is after the oil soaked in and then I liberally applied the balm. The peach scent is so yummy, and honestly I dont think my natural nails have looked this good in years. I carry this stuff around n my purse and use it all the time. Its heavenly. ;)


20140706-143902-52742400.jpgI can honestly say with 100% conviction that these products are all amazing you would not be disappointed in any of them. Vanessa is a doll to work with (I am so sorry its taken me this long to get this review out!!) and her products are perfection. Her shop went live June 21 and you can find it here and you can also find her on instagram at @mydreampolish. I love this stuff, go and get some and love on your nails now! Right now she’s running a Fourth of July sale, so it will be worth it! Tell her I sent you. ;)


Dollish Polish These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For

20 Jun

You guys. YOU GUYS!!! When Accio Lacquer announced that she and Dollish Polish were combining to make the Ultimate Fandom Collection, I about DIED. I mean, Dollish Polish has already quenched my need for a Walking Dead polish, OF COURSE she, with Accio Lacquer, would be able to create polishes for all of the other fandoms I LOVE. They did not disappoint! If you have not seen the entire collection on Accio Lacquer’s page, you can here and here. I ordered 4 of these beauties and the first one I have to show you is probably my longest standing  fandom. I think my first crush might have been Luke Skywalker

These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For is an AMAZING glitter bomb that is fully opaque in 3 coats. The formula is perfection, just like any other Dollish Polish out there. Seriously, this polish is like the best of C3PO and R2D2 smashed together. I LOVE IT!!

This polish, THIS POLISH! It causes me to yell. I’m sorry. You NEED it. No really, you need it in your life!!




KBShimmer She Twerks Out

16 Jun

When KBShimmer released their Early Summer 2014 line, I stalked the release dates and times. Finally, after missing another release because I got my time zones wrong, I gave up. Then, one glorious night on instagram, Ms. KBShimmer herself let me know that they were fully stocked. My fingers clicked on my phone in the dark (it was like 11pm, lol) and I ordered all the ones I wanted right away. I’ve already shown you KBShimmer PT Young Thing and next up is She Twerks Out. I cannot get over that name, its hilarious.

She Twerks Out is a lightly textured turquoise glitter bomb, with green and purple glitters thrown in to boot. Its naturally matte, which you can see in the blurry natural light picture below. My swatches are all done under artificial sunlight, so they’re shinier than the polish really is IRL. Either way, its gorgeous. This was three light coats. It can drag a little, but if you wait a little bit between coats you should be just fine. You guys, I love this polish!! I wore it on the boat last weekend and it was a perfect polish for a Summer day.





I love how it looks in natural light. Its definately a MUST HAVE polish! 20140616-080002-28802758.jpg

Polish Me Silly Off to Paradise

6 Jun

Oh multichromes, how I love thee, but how my camera hates thee. lol! Its so hard to capture the beauty of a multichrome on camera!! Off to Paradise by Polish Me Silly is a gorgeous pinkish-purplish-goldish multichrome that is so beautiful on the nail. I have not been disappointed in any of the Polish Me Silly colors I have tried out. They all go on smooth in two easy coats and shine without any topcoat, but you know I always add my trusty HK Girl Topcoat. I can’t help myself! I love this color, its such a fun summer shade. I definitely recommend adding it to your stash.



You can really see the gold/pink/purple shift in this bottle shot!



KB Shimmer PT Young Thing

4 Jun

You guys, this polish… THIS POLISH!!! Its gorgeous. I have a holo top coat, holo polishes, holo glitter, but this is just straight up holographic goodness on my nails. I wish I could have gotten a good sun shot, but the Sunshine State has been pretty dang rainy lately, but with a rainbow on my nails, who needs sunshine? ;)

KB Shimmer’s PT Young Thing is an amazing linear holographic polish that “is made up completely of two types of holographic pigment” and the effect is just amazing. These swatches are all under artificial light, and they’re still mind blowing. I swear in some lights it looks like my nails are fake! I’ve had this polish on for three days and counting and I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE IT OFF!! KB Shimmer knows what’s up when it comes to holo!! This is two super easy light coats, no VNL to be seen. It dried fast on its own, but I slathered a coat of HK Girl Topcoat on there because you know I love the stuff.

This gorgeous polish is in stock right now, go and get it!! I can’t wait to show you the other beauties I got from KB Shimmer’s Early Summer 2014 collection. I LOVE IT.




Finger Paints Metallic Moondust, Stardust Blush, & Stargazing Lilac & Born Pretty BLING!

30 May

So, I randomly picked up these glitter polishes in a Sally’s sale a couple weeks ago. They sat in my untried drawer and I finally grabbed one to swatch a couple nights ago. It happened to be Metallic Moondust. OMG, I was in love with the first coat. I had NO IDEA these were textured polishes! I opened my untried drawer and realized I 3 out of the 5 of the Finger Paints Shredded Chrome Collection for Spring 2014. Oh man, they’re all gorgeous!!

Metallic Moondust is a gorgeous mixed of green, gold and silver that just shines. The texture on these is pretty intense, but in a fine way. I LOVE textured polishes, so someone else might hate the feel of them, but it doesn’t bother me at all.




Stardust Blush is a pretty blush pink with gold glitter. The sparkle is so intense on these guys, my camera kind of freaked out on this one. All of these swatches are three coats. All three polishes have the same perfect formula and they dry super fast. They do pool a little at the top of the bottles, but they dont have any problems on the nail.




Stargazing Lilac is my favorite of the trio. Its a gorgeous purple, silver, and gold glitter filled textured polish. The gold and the silver work together to kind of shimmer more than glitter, if that makes any sense. Anyways, I LOVE IT.




Since Stargazing Lilac is so gorgeous, I decided to use it with an accent nail of Ethereal Lacquer’s Devoured and add some BLING that I recieved from Born Pretty Store. You guys, when I picked these jewels, I had no idea they were going to SO BIG. BLING deserves ALL CAPS with this nail gem. HOLY COW! I dont think that I could do gems this big on a regular basis, but it really is so much fun. Everyone at work was loving it. It cracked me up with someone would walk up to me and the first thing the would see was the gem. LOL. I applied the gem with ample amounts of nail glue and then I used my HK Girl Topcoat around the gem to kind of seal it in.  I kind of love it, even if it is a bit crazy. ;)




Dont forget to use PUBQ10 in the checkout at the Born Pretty Store to get 10% off. You can find everything nail a beauty related over there. Its such a fun shop!

China Glaze Wish on a Starfish & Sand Dolla make you Holla

26 May

Summer is in full effect here y’all. It’s blazing hot outside already and it’s only May, but hey, I’m used to that here in summer Florida, but I think this Summer is going to be a doozy!

Back when it was still freezing and I was dreaming of the winter months I picked a couple shades from the China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection. They have no disappointed, you know I love a good texture, but I was down to nubs and polish obsession had hit a bump. I did show you Seahorsin’ Around with my favorite polish ever, Tripindicular, here, but then I held off. Well now that the Summer is in full swing I’m ready to show you these gorgeous shades from “sandy, sunny shore to the depths of the sea where the mermaids play.”

Wish on a Starfish was one of the first of the collection I tried. I LOVE the gold undertones in this polish. I did this swatch back when I was still living in nub city, but you can still see what a beauty it is. The texture in these polishes is not as extreme as other China Glaze texture. Their one downfall, however, is that they don’t have the same longevity as many other textures polishes, but they’re so pretty the tip wear is always worth it.



Sand Dolla make you Hollla was a big surprise to me. I didn’t really like the swatches I saw, but I grabbed it anyways because, you know, I can’t help myself. The milky white base and small multi colored glitters are actually tons of fun on the nail! It’s more sheer than the others, this is actually 4 coats, but it was so worth it. I’m not used to white polishes and I ended staring at my nails all day and falling in love with this polish! It’s so different from what I’m used to and it’s definitely a keeper in my stash. Both of the polishes are must haves!




Happy Memorial Day lovelies!! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. :)

Zoya Magical Pixie Dusts in Bar, Ginni, & Arlo

23 May

Oh Zoya Magical Pixie Dusts, how I love thee. I’m such a sucker for everything sparkly and textured that when Zoya first started their Magical Pixie Dusts I wanted to SQUEEEEE with joy. You know I might have done that, I can’t remember. ;)

The newest Summer Collection of Magical Pixie Dusts is amazeballs. Yes, I said amazeballs, because these polishes totally deserve that word.

Bar is a gorgeous golden tan that would be nude if it didn’t pull so golden. I know in the deep summer when you really have your tan on this color will just POP.  It’s like sparkly beach sand in a bottle and on the nail. I love it. Its gorg!!


20140523-164936-60576208.jpg 20140523-164945-60585451.jpg

Ginni is an ADORABLE light almost barbie pink that just screams summer. Just looking at it made me happy. Do you see the holo in that macro shot. OMG! Its like holo, rocky, cotton candy goodness on your nail. Only Zoya can pull that off! I LOVE IT!!!




I have to tell you though, Arlo is for the standout in this group for me. This raspberry purply pink is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!!! I have it on right now and I just want to keep it on for days and days. Its so eye catching and stunning. People notice this polish. I’m pretty sure Arlo has landed near the top of my favorite polishes of all time. I’m not even lying!!




Magical Pixies are ALWAYS musthaves for me. They’re avaible to order now and you really need to add all of these to your collection ASAP. They’re GORGEOUS!!!!


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